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Equestrian Fencing Contractors, Dressage Arenas and Sand Schools

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  • Sand school groundworks
  • Sand school groundworks
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  • Horse fencing
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  • Post and rail fencing, half round
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- Your horses safety is our priority -

Meakin Fencing have a vast experience, of over 25 years in equestrian fencing and the construction of Equestrian Dressage Pens, Dressage Arenas and Sand Schools.

Dressage Pens or 'All Weather Horse Exercise Yard's'
These can be built by us from the ground works up, including the building or erection of stables.

We work with top quality timber post and rail horse fencing; either half round or square. We use horse netting or plain wire electric to divide up fields; also advice on new products such as PVC Horse fencing rails is available.

Here are some advantages of the various types:

Post and Rail

  • Ideal boundary fence - 'and it looks pretty'
  • Can be used in conjunction with netting to contain stock or pets

Horse Netting

  • Safe for horses - mesh sized to avoid hooves getting trapped
  • High tensile secure fencing protects horses feet
  • Cost effective
  • Low maintenance
  • Long life span and less likely to be chewed
  • Ideal for multi-purpose grazing e.g. sheep, cattle and ponies etc
  • Available with electric plain wire on top